Enhancing the Online Presence for Mold Inspection Services

Design   SEO   Web Development NWA Mold Inspector Web site


Our web design agency collaborated with a mold inspection client to revamp their online presence. The project involved a comprehensive redesign of their website, focusing on improving SEO, performance, and conversion rates. Additionally, we took charge of managing their Google Search Ads to boost visibility.


  • Enhance SEO to increase organic traffic.
  • Improve website performance for a better user experience.
  • Optimize conversion rates for increased business leads.
  • Manage Google Search Ads to maximize online visibility.


  • Existing website lacked SEO optimization.
  • Poor website performance affecting user engagement.
  • Low conversion rates from online inquiries.
  • Limited visibility in online searches.


1. SEO Overhaul

  • Conducted thorough keyword research and implemented on-page SEO best practices.
  • Optimized meta tags, headers, and content structure to align with industry-relevant search queries.

2. Performance Improvement

  • Streamlined website code and optimized images for faster loading times.
  • Implemented caching mechanisms to enhance overall website performance.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Redesigned call-to-action elements for clearer user guidance.
  • Implemented A/B testing to identify and implement high-converting design elements.

4. Google Search Ads Management

  • Conducted keyword analysis and refined ad copy for relevance.
  • Monitored and adjusted bidding strategies for optimal ad placement.


  • Significant improvement in organic search rankings and traffic.
  • Enhanced website speed and performance, leading to increased user satisfaction.
  • Noticeable rise in conversion rates from online inquiries.
  • Improved visibility and click-through rates in Google Search Ads.


Through a strategic approach to website redesign, SEO enhancement, and Google Search Ads management, our collaboration with the mold inspection client yielded substantial improvements in online presence and business outcomes.

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